Administrative Special (K) Command

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Administrative Special (K) Command

Beitrag von Oberleutnant Lorandes am Mi Feb 08, 2017 7:02 pm

Administrative Special (K)Command
Beitrag von HauptmannWolkow am Fr 2 Dez 2016 - 2:08

To all Players:

-Administrative Special Command-
short ASK.

The ASK is the direct executive authority of the administrator.
It works for the affairs of the player and ensures compliance with the rules. Quick help can be obtained in the chat under "110" or "911" with a short location and situation description.
As ASK members assume the role of a moderator, you have to pay them respectfully attention.
In the event of an emergency, strictly follow the instructions of the ASK for your own safety.

The ASK has the right to collect weapons at any time, they can be picked up the next day at the "New Police Office".

Any player of the server may be arrested and searched without giving reasons.
Any base of the server may be searched without mentioning reasons.
Players who resists must expect consequences!

The wearing of police uniforms just like driving police cars is an arrogance and can be prosecuted.

Chief of staff / Sergeant have the powers of an administrator.

Order of ranks

Hauptmann Wolkow

Chief of staff:
Oberleutnant Lorandes



Group leader:

Maurer a.D.
Sgt. Jebediah a.D.
ReeKO a.D.
Twonkar a.D.

-European Special Operations Command-
short ESEK

Group leader:
Daryl Dixon

Rick Grimes
Oberleutnant Lorandes

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