Gaming rules

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Gaming rules

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  1. Every players dignity is inviolably.
    1b. Don't be a bunghole!

  2. Under all circumstances it is prohibited to kill other players.
    2b. If attacked verifable, you are authorized to defend!

  3. Theft of property or vehicles is prohibited!

  4. Every player is obligated to help others in case of emergency.
    4b. You are not obligated to risk your own life by doing this.

  5. The Administrator has the last word in any dispute and he is always right.
    5b. You have to obey orders given out by ASK-members on duty (administrative special command).

Building rules

  1. You may use any space you are free to build by game design.
    1b. Main roads (concrete ones) and bridges shall be kept free.

  2. No flying bases
    2b. Can be modified by appropriate pillars.

Vehicles / Rules of conduct

  1. It is allowed to have a maximum of one vehicle per base.
    1b. Bicycles do not count as vehicles in terms of this rules.

  2. Police cars are reserved to the administrators team exclusively.
    2b. Only the ASK has rights to use theese.
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